The kingdom fell

And then there was light.
His eyes could finally see clearly now that the sun was up. But it was all a blur still. Troubling questions ravaged his innocent mind to no end.

He couldn’t understand as to why the rulers, who had been nothing but benevolent to them before, would have them face their wrath. They had come in the dark of the night and started the rampage. No questions had been asked. His father had tried to protect them but had been subdued and killed in a matter of moments. The all-mighty rulers were too powerful for the likes of him. His mother had put up a fight to save him and his siblings nevertheless. But both his sisters had become the victims of the rulers’ wrath. The suddenness of it all hadn’t allowed him to even start grieving his dead family. All he remembered was the voice of his mother’s cry amidst the chaos, “Run!”
And that he had done.

He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had begun his run. All that occupied his mind were the agonized and terrified faces of his family members. Tears continued to stream down as he remembered the last words of his most beloved one. His mother’s fate had been sealed the moment she decided to take on the rulers. She had known that too. But survival instincts dwarf when faced with the overpowering emotions of maternal love.

He knew what to do. Mother’s sacrifice won’t go to waste. Revenge will be his. He will train, become strong, and strike back. The rulers will face his wrath.

Absorbed by his thoughts, he didn’t realize that the wilderness had been left behind. The sound of a gunshot followed by a sharp, stinging pain in the abdomen broke his train of thoughts. They had found him.

He could feel his body getting numb. Darkness had begun to creep in. One of the rulers was closing in. He held the sharp, shiny tool in his hand which had been the end of his father. But as he was about to give in to the darkness, a familiar sound shook him up. “Leave my son alone!” His mother pounced from out of nowhere. The ruler was startled as he fell to the ground. Mother was about to land the final blow when another gunshot was fired.

“No…” was all he could manage as she fell to the ground. He unsuccessfully tried to get up. But all he could do was watch his mother tremble in pain as the ruler slit her throat. Tears blurred his vision before the darkness took over. “Where is the justice?” was all Simba could utter.

“Why was that little cub roaring so wildly? Can’t the fucker die in peace?”
“Must be hungry. Bet all the dumb kittens could think about while dying was food.”

And then there was darkness.



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