The loop

He couldn’t help this feeling of deja vu he had been having of late.
“Bah, it’s like I am stuck in an endless loop of misery.”

Sameer took in another puff of the cigarette, and wondered how his life would have turned out had he not been an impulsive fool.

“You came here for what?” his friends had cried in shock.
“To see her. It’s been too long. What’s with the surprised look? I might even get my own timeless love story today, you just watch.”

What his friends did get to see was him getting drunk and making a fool out of himself on the streets of the night-loving city. Turned out the love of his life had moved on, and how. She and her beau were all over each other half an hour into their long-awaited meet. All he could do was watch in silence and hold back his emotions as all the others watched his ordeal helplessly.

“Some reunion that turned out to be.” He whispered to himself, as he watched the smoke get dispersed in a jiffy by the wind coming in from the train door. He remembered how he had always been afraid of standing at the coveted spot by the train door as a child. That brought a faint smile to his sullen face.

The sound of the cabin door opening broke his line of thoughts. It was the beautiful girl he had caught a glimpse of while boarding the train. He had seen her before, he was sure of it but couldn’t place where he had come across her.

“Is Nagpur the next station? Are we there already?” she asked him. Her voice was perfect.
“Oh yes, but I am afraid it’s still going to take at least 10 more minutes”, he managed to answer.
That didn’t seem to cheer her up much. “Oh, guess I will wait here itself till then.”

They stood there in silence for 5 minutes which was broken by the sound of a faint cough. The chivalrous gentleman in him took over that very instant as he tossed the half-burnt cigarette through the door. He thought to himself, “Waste of a cigarette still good to go but I am sure this gentlemanly act will get noticed.”

As he was about to strike up a conversation using an eternally convenient line, her phone rang. Turns out her boyfriend was waiting for her at the next station.

“There we go. Endless loop indeed.” He whispered but could have as well said it aloud for moments ago, he had tossed out the only companion who had been through it all with him.

He felt a sudden pang of pain in his abdomen area, and winced. The girl was startled by the abrupt occurrence. She inquired if he felt alright. He shrugged it off. “Oh yeah, nothing. Seems like we are about to reach the station.” He pointed out that the train was slowing down.

The girl looked out and turned back in surprise. “Wait, this is the middle of nowhere. Why did the train stop?”

Their conversation was broken off by the sounds coming in from the cabin. As they were about to peer through the cabin door, it opened and a bearded guy appeared.

“Somebody stop the thief,” a passenger shouted.

The thief was in no mood to stop. He turned towards the door in front of which Sameer was standing and made a dash for it. Sameer managed to get hold of his arm from behind. Without wasting a moment, the thief quickly turned about. Sameer didn’t know what hit him as the thief managed to stab him in the abdomen. The thief jumped through the door and ran.

“Someone help!” cried the girl as Sameer sat down on his knees.

Things had started to get blurry as the beautiful girl’s cries seemed to get more and more distant. He looked at the blood that was gushing out from the wound not able to get his head around what had just transpired.
It all started to come back to him; why it had all looked so familiar. “Not again,” he thought to himself as darkness creeped in amidst the distant commotion and cries.

Sameer slowly opened his eyes as the smoke slowly left his lips and wind rustled his hair. He had been standing by the train door for almost an hour now thinking about the impulsive trip he had taken the other day.

He couldn’t help this feeling of deja vu he had been having of late.
“Bah, it’s like I am stuck in an endless loop of misery.”



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