Every inch of his being wanted to get up somehow and save her; the shackles were however proving to be too strong to get lose from. A scream from the darkness woke Dev up just as he had begun to yield. The mighty shackles were challenged as he struggled violently against them, but again to no avail. Bruised and wounded, he finally let go and closed his eyes to let himself sink into the darkness.

The door slammed open and woke him up from his slumber. The stout middle-aged man slithered out of the darkness alone. There was a smug look on the man’s face as he made his way towards the now-weary figure. If only he could have punched the smug look off the man’s face, Dev thought to himself; but that was not meant to be. The man took something out of his pocket and started to lean towards Dev. “It’s over then?” Dev asked the man.

“Continue getting me treats and you might get a regular customer. I haven’t had something like this in a long time. Where do you even get a virgin these days?” Dev didn’t reply and analyzed the wad of cash lying in front of him.

The man’s laughter boomed through the brothel long after he had left as Dev’s eyes waited for his beloved to materialize from the darkness; she didn’t. The pimp had fallen for the prostitute; the shackles won’t allow it and he knew it.


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