2017 in review: No point to it

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted”.
– John Lennon

Yes, that’s a random ass title. This is going to be a random ass blog post. I have already overused used the word ‘ass’. Get over it!

Now that the nuances regarding this post’s title and my word choices are out of the way, lets get to the point. However, there isn’t one to be honest. On the surface at least, there isn’t. Similarly, there was no point to much of what I spent my time doing throughout 2017. Again, that’s how things appears to be on the surface.

Every year since early 2014, back when I was a struggling engineering sophomore, I had decided on a theme and tried to plan my time around it throughout the year. 2014 was about improving as a technologist and exploring entrepreneurship. 2015 was about improving as a data science and machine learning practitioner. 2016 was about improving my people skills with a focus on getting assimilated in the real world; this was the year when I got started with my first job.

As you can notice, I spent 3 years working on skills which are highly valued and rewarded by our predominantly materialistic society. Being fair to myself, I did well over the period. However, moments of introspection at the beginning of 2017 made me realize that I wasn’t as successful or more importantly, as happy as I should have been provided what I’d accomplished over the preceding years. At that point, I could’ve either stepped on the gas or on the brakes. I did the latter and decided that I would be spend the upcoming year trying to make myself happy more than anything else.

Survivorship bias is a thing but I’m a big believer in the philosophy of ‘connect the dots’. Provided you keep plugging away, dots do connect for you one way or another. Its been an year since I’d decided to give myself an year to primarily have a good time.

After years of procrastination, I finally started with a musical instrument this past March; the instrument is a beautiful ukulele.


A beaut!

I attended multiple live music concerts as well as my second NH7 weekender event and caught up with a great metal band (Textures) on their way out of the country a day after they’d given their last ever performance.


Really bad selfie with a really great band.


Epic cool pose fail

As recently as couple of weeks back, I did river rafting, completed my first trek (Deoriatal-Chandrashila) and witnessed sunrise from a 12000 feet-high mountain peak (Chandrashila).


A surreal experience.


I got into a relationship after years and got out of it. Amidst all this, I managed to try and fail at making brownies. Lastly, I quit my first job and joined SocialCops, a company I’d admired for years.


The author presenting his profile at SocialCops

Some of life’s most precious moments are pointless – for example, a hearty laugh with friends, staring into the sunrise or even dancing to a beautiful song when no one’s watching. That’s how 2017 was for me – utterly pointless and exquisitely beautiful. It helped me become a happier human being and there isn’t a lot more that you can ask for.

If you made it this far, you may be curious about my plans for 2018. Well, my love for technology, data and writing has rekindled over the last few months and I’ll be focusing on becoming better at them. In particular, I will get back to machine learning and also try to get better at working with large scale systems. Music and travel will continue to remain an integral part of my life. Also, rather ambitiously, I plan to write at least 50 blogs this year. You can follow this blog to remain updated. If you’re inclined towards technology and data, you can also follow my tech blog, Tech and Mortals.

That’s all, folks!